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It's actually got a lot worse than that. A few years ago, Firefox was indeed slow and bloated, but more recently it has become a bit better. Well, that and Chrome has become slow and bloated too.

However, Mozilla's biggest problem is that they have absolutely no idea how to develop a browser to attract market share any more. During the last 18 months, they've been systematically destroying every unique selling point that Firefox had in their quest to make Firefox just like Chrome. Before long, Firefox will be completely irrelevant.

- Different user interface? Let's make it look just like Chrome.

- Lots of customisability? Let's remove a load of it so it's locked down like Chrome.

- Powerful extensions and plugins? Let's bin XUL and NPAPI (except for Flash) and just use tweaked Chrome extensions (which are far more restricted).

- Full theme support? Let's remove that as well.

Heck at one point, they were even considering removing FTP support as well based purely on the fact that Google were looking at it (Bugzilla bug #1174462).

Mozilla are hell bent on turning Firefox from a powerful, flexible and customisable browser into a pointless and irrelevant clone of Chrome, and it's very sad to see.

As for their tanking market share, I'm one of the people that ditched Firefox after the awful Australis makeover. I use Pale Moon now.

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