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Up from me

It has indeed blown up, and not just on the vertical landing attempts.

Just how much Musk has spent, from his garguantuan dragon hoard, it seems to be a little in the early days, on the government gravy-train since. I know the rabids will down-vote this post if they see it, for the rabids, please give exact figures on Musk's personal wealth, how much he has invested at risk in Space X projects, and how much is extracted from the US taxpayer?

I have a pretty good idea, he has

invested FA since getting the supply contract, probably well before, and, it seems, no penalty for screwing up on supply.

Sure, Space X is probably doing better value than the US competition, but they have a far from perfect record for cargo delivery.

NASA has already transferred much knowledge, gratis assistance, tax dollars from US citizens, and, perhaps not yet, but they will or are, transferring techniques stolen from the USSR and Russia to Space X.

Passengers? I loved the mock-up, it doesn't look like it would be bearable under high-g take-off, the only idea was to make it look like a miniature Star-Trek bridge.

Doubtless the American taxpayer is paying for a seating arrangement that doesn't break the rider's necks taking off.

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