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Taxi for NASA! SpaceX to fly astronauts to space station

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My God, it's full of stars

Can't help but notice from the canned statement

"When Crew Dragon takes NASA astronauts to the space station in 2017, they will be riding in one of the safest, most reliable spacecraft ever flown. We're honored to be developing this capability for NASA and our country."

Didn't a few of them.... well blow up? Or is my memory going dim? Or is it more a case of, it's blow up less than all of the rest of them. Though I'll admit I'm talking about the launch vehicle as well and I am aware a few of the crashes was more because they were trying to land the thing rather than try to leave a crater in the sea.

That said, anything that gets us reaching for the stars is a good thing, so champagne away chap.

(Aliens because space natch.)

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