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Struggling to understand Docker? Let's start with a Minecraft demo

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How about a /working/ demo?

The page which the article refers to really shows the narrow mindset of a modern company. I mean, here are the (10) steps to run the demo:

1. Install the Minecraft client, you'll need a Minecraft account.

Done, I'm actually a Minecraft player myself so no problems here.

2. Run the following commands: "docker pull gaetan/dockercraft"

So I open up a command window (cmd.exe) and....

C:\Users\Peter>docker pull gaetan/dockercraft

docker wordt niet herkend als een interne

of externe opdracht, programma of batchbestand.


In other words: bad command or filename.

Great demo indeed! Isn't a demo supposed to allow people unfamiliar with the software to learn how it works? So why rely on the software you're trying to demo in the first place?

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