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"Really?! Presumably you think Genghis Khan was some kind of liberal do-gooder? Since when have huge cuts in government spending, selling off pretty much everything left that's state owned (deliberately at bargain prices for your mates in the City) and privatising the NHS been a "centre left position"?"

In case you forgot over the last 6 years- "Cuts to make Thatchers eyes water". Who said that? Labour. The tories have so far protected NHS spending, protected pensions with a 'triple lock', expanded labours surveillance state, splashed the cash on public services and projects (HS2 I look at you) and increased tax's. I am not defending them but they have made move after move to take the labour voters, even in the middle of dealing with the recession. Actually it bothers me as no party should be unchallenged and the tories cannot be both left and right at the same time regardless of their internal split.

As to your question of when all that was the centre left position- under the last labour gov. The exception being the cuts in spending because they were thrown out of office for economic mismanagement. As I recall Brown loved PFI contracts written tot he expense of the tax payer, sold the gold at rock bottom prices, and privatised more of the NHS than any other gov yet. Just because they did all that during a boom doesnt change the fact that they did it. How do you think they left such a deficit and had nothing left for the coming recession? Brown was convinced no more boom and bust.

we do seem to be heading very off topic I notice. Oops

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