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"Points of view like this (and others) often make me think there are more 'radical beliefs' in the US, than anywhere else."

The problem is Rick Giles and Richard Jones 1 are not wrong, they just aint totally right either. In the UK we have BNP/EDL to the right and various communist/socialist on the left. In the US they have republican or democrat but with the various shades of people at the extreme ends. The current problems in US politics seems to be due to extremists on the left and the right shutting down effective government and pointing at each other in blame. So both sides look more unreasonable and the supporters vote for the more extreme on their side to counter the nutter on the other.

The important question is who is available near the centre who is willing to cooperate and negotiate with the other side? Regardless of which way you lean (dem/rep) you will surely struggle to identify who is reasonable in the runners.

Over here we voted for a pathological lier (blair) and to get back power the tories made his clone the leader. Labour alienated people so badly that BNP gained popularity, shafted the economy, ruined our power generation capacity and managed to spend everything in a boom to run away before they had to deal with the fallout. Now we have a left extremist running labour (amazing after milliband was considered extreme left), tories taking the centre left position labour vacated and a vacuum on the right. All the while this country is torn almost evenly over the idea of staying tied to the sinking ship of the EU or being branded racist as we open our doors and trade to the world, religiously committed to a health system no other country would want to emulate and alternately marching jihad sympathisers, EDL and anti capitalist rioters.

I seriously hope this isnt a competition for some award because there will be a few contestants in this world, the US just has a lot of people and 24hr sensationalist reporting.

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