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Insane / crazy / deranged / mad etc are literally a connotation of mental illness. ie something is wrong in the brain hardware, this is stuff that cannot be fixed or needs heavy medication to control.

Which is not the same as being unintelligent or stupid - so there should be no underestimation of a persons potential capability

If someone's truly and deeply held beliefs are... snip...then it is indeed a logical and perfectly sane thought structure that will lead them to go blow themselves up in a crowd.

I have a very hard time calling it sane. Logical, yes, in that the logic follows even if it's morally reprehensible. Murdering civilians for their (lack of) religious beliefs is not a sane thing to do - I'm using sane: reasonable or sensible.

Equally importantly, using ISIS' indiscriminate tactics, which even Al-Qaeda were against, there's a risk that innocent believers of Islam might also be harmed/killed. Some of those might even be Wahhabi (i.e. "good" muslims in the terrorist's slightly stunted world view). To risk killing those who support you, when the rest of the world is against, is not a reasonable or sensible move.

I completely agree that we shouldn't underestimate them, but I don't think deranged is an inappropriate description for their acts (though whether or not it truly applies to their sysadmins is something else)

The good news is that these people are fuelled by bad ideas, which are possible to fight back against using good ideas, not more bombs.

100% agreed - all the bombs really do is to provide another "example" of the west's evil that can be used when trying to radicalise the vulnerable

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