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I'm sure they also have garages..

.. which repair cars they drive around in, so let's just ban everyone with a beard from having a car.

The answer to better intelligence is people, not technology. Offer a REAL reward for ratting out where the leaders are and make sure it's credibly paid out to encourage others. If you'd spend 1% of the money they throw away on security theatre buying real intel they would have caused some real pain already, but I suspect that would stop the sales of war material, the real goal of this all.

However, I can see where they're coming from. Every time an atrocity happens, the media give these people free marketing. I can recall the IRA era where such stuff was never to be reported on the front page and the voices of guys that are now "respected" MPs were not even allowed live but had to be replayed by a voice actor. That did actually make sense, but such a strategy requires everyone to collaborate and if there is one thing we know of the media, profit always comes first (so, fat chance).

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