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Windows 10: Major update on the Threshold as build 10586 hits Insiders



Good for you, you like to use Linux. I like to use Windows, it is essential to my job, puts food on my table, pays for my mortgage (so I dont live with my mum still) and pays for my social life, that isnt spent dribbling over a kernel.

Hmm, so it would appear. Mind you, the last post I saw from you didn't appear to be particularly forthcoming about what you found better about one version of Windows against another so why should anyone take any notice when you try to criticise a thread's contents, an operating system or whatever?

I've written a lot over the last few months, especially about Windows 10 and Linux, and I'm sorry for boring some of you if that's how it seemed, but I try to give my reasons for my views on a particular system and help if I can. Even if that means dribbling over a kernel (though I forget how long it has been since I last needed to do that!)

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