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And speeding?, easy to do, rarely causes the possible outcome (Hello sir, in a hurry?, better to get there alive don't you think?), small fine and points, only persistent offenders and very, very fast drivers get anything like an actual punishment

Speeding fines are just another tax on motoring, and a means by which to make it unpleasant such that the already unpleasant public transport looks less like a descent into hell and more like a possible option.

I speed. There, I said it. I speed where I feel it is safe to do so, and I drive under the posted limit where I feel that it is an unsafe speed to achieve. A tin disc at the side of the road, with a number put there by a civil servant who's probably never seen the road has literally no bearing on the road surface, the weather, the traffic level, number of cyclists & pedestrians etc etc. There's more to safe driving than a speed limit.

Almost 25 years with no points or awareness courses, so I must be doing something right. In that time I think I had two at fault accidents, both in my youth, which were caused by driving too close rather than too fast. After which, I learned to drive properly rather than driving like the teenage boy I was.

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