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Contrary to this, I'm woken up and disturbed regularly by cars and motorcycles with extremely loud modified exhausts. A practice that has become more and more fashionable and now reaching out to middle age men driving exotic cars

The loudest car near me left the factory that way - TVR Cerbera. Its so loud that I can't even hear my car when I'm sat in it if the owner pulls up next to me, and my car is fairly loud. Some cars are just loud, and no matter how they're used will be audible in a road side building.

Now, I completely agree when we're talking about badly modified shopping trolleys, fart canning their way between McDonalds, while looking like the spare carriage off the Ninkey-Nonk. Or idiots that hold the gear up to the red line in residential areas.

Those, to me, are two very different issues, but I say that as a middle aged man, with a faintly loud car. I'm not really sure what you want me to do about it though.... The car can't be made quiet.

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