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You don't have to be terribly smart to use one of the thousand LM317-based constant current supply schematics up on the internet, some of which are just colored lines MSPainted over a photo of the 3 components involved (not counting a button and a battery). And you don't have to be sober to push the button. The hardest part may be getting the lens aligned, unless you just buy the diode holder/heatsink with spring-loaded screw cover for the lens in front, like more of the YT videos will tell you to do. And sometimes the DVD burner sled takes care of that for you-- it's only a matter of guessing where to nibble with diagonal cutters in order to leave the useful lens in place but open up a straight path for the beam.

IMO the only thing you can do is go back to the original problem-- how do you get people to stop being stupid and doing stupid things? But even that is a layer above the ultimate problem: how do you get people to stop believing things that aren't true, such as:

* this is going to be cool as hell

* there's nothing wrong with X

* whatever, nobody's going to catch me

* this politician/party/organization has my interests in mind

* my interests/concerns/needs are the most valid and should be pressed into the model for society with the exclusion of others

* my assumptions are/were valid

* everyone makes the same assumptions as me

* well, everyone should make the same assumptions as me

* while everyone tries to reckon unobservable reality from observable reality, the correctness of my interpretation should be obvious to all

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