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The government tries to create some special circumstances for these big players.

That might be easy to believe, but it is not really true. The basis of multinational tax avoidance is that successive Westminster simpletons have progressively over-complicated to the UK tax legislation to the point that there's now around 17,000 pages. Alloy that with the various treaties that the same simpletons signed without thinking the consequences through, and any organisation with access to clever and expensive tax accountants and tax lawyers can drive a coach and horses through it. Obviously small business doesn't have that resource, whereas Google, Amazon and Starbucks et al do.

The only sensible solution would be to rip up the tax code and start again, with a limit on the length. How likely is that? MP's and (in particular) civil servants just aren't clever enough to understand that their obsession with micro management is the direct cause of this sort of tax avoidance.

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