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when Time Computers went bust and the £19 million cash vanished (allegedly to Dubai) I did some digging into the corporate structure. Managed to find around 45 companies dotted around the world: UK, Ireland, Caymans, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Isle of Man, Jersey........

Besides the companies there were four international accounting/auditor/financial advice companies acting as nominees plus lawyers in the BVI, Bermuda and Jersey also acting as nominees.

That didn't include the companies involved in the Supanet internet business - they had their own structure.

After all this time I've lost the details......but suffice it to say that when at the time I started placing the information online their in-house legal team tried tracking me down and were issuing threats to anyone who they thought knew me. If they'd caught up with me I'd have had worse than broken legs.

As to where the money went? Never managed to pin it down (nor did the auditors), but the in-house rumour was always that it went to a bunch of Islamic fundamentalists with violent sympathies

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