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Re: I have red, green and violet (sold as blue) laser pointers.

I haven't seen a laser pointer used in public for years and I travel a lot of miles.

I understand the UK health department has them listed whereby over a certain power they are not allowed to or recommended not to be sold.

Contrary to this, I'm woken up and disturbed regularly by cars and motorcycles with extremely loud modified exhausts. A practice that has become more and more fashionable and now reaching out to middle age men driving exotic cars, paying up to £5,000 for a system designed to audibly show off the power of their vehicle contrary to type approval standards and MOT rules.

So I've bee wondering. Next time I'm sleep deprived by one of these selfish motoring enthusiasts forcing their noise into my apartment and head, how would they and the Police react if I forced laser light into their vehicles and eyes?

I'm guessing the car and motorcycle modification industry being worth £millions more than the laser pen industry, would see me prosecuted and the car driver ticked off with a little warning, with the MOT testers continuing to making a good living out of the fraud.

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