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If 250k and/or 20 years doesn't stop it, threat of death won't either.

After all the homicide rate is lower in our non-death penalty Europe than most, if-not-all death penalty countries, and yes, I am aware that that is not necessarily why.

But I seriously doubt if the death penalty would reduce the murder rate, I have known a few murderers and they all were not cognisant of the penalty because most were not in a stable frame of mind at the time and a small number knew the risks but were motivated by stronger urges, usually money and they don't expect to be caught, otherwise, what would be the point?

Lasing an aircraft is easy to do and easy to get away with. We have high penalties for 'easy' crimes that are hard to stop but none-the-less very unwanted for a reason, we have nothing else. But, you have to publicise it heavily or it just means that stupid saps get massive penalties (with some publicity of course).

The obvious one I know is the insane penalties available for pointing a camera at a screen in a cinema (10 years in prison and huge fines in the UK). Obviously reserved for the worst of the worst but still.

And speeding?, easy to do, rarely causes the possible outcome (Hello sir, in a hurry?, better to get there alive don't you think?), small fine and points, only persistent offenders and very, very fast drivers get anything like an actual punishment - them and the ones that actually cause an accident.

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