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>>"HMRC will come down on these small business's like a tonne of bricks - while continuing to allow Amazon, Talk Talk, Google, Vodaphone et al, to carry on as usual."

But that's the point of the exercise the town is carrying out. They are attempting to position themselves under the same protections these big players use as a means of highlighting the problem. It's a practical version of "if you argue this, then you have to include that".

Having read an article on this some of the local shopkeepers highlight how the tax avoidance affects competition. An independent café may not be able to afford to compete with Starbucks when the latter doesn't have to pay the same tax rate. That's what is motivating the town which has a very high proportion of independent shops to do this.

The government tries to create some special circumstances for these big players. But they can't outright legislate "Vodafone doesn't have to pay tax", they have to set up some criteria that Vodafone can fulfil but others can't. This town are manoeuvring to tick the same boxes. The town are happy for the government to "come down on them like a tonne of bricks". The aim is to catch the bigger players in the same shower of bricks.

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