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Aircraft laser strikes hit new record with 20 incidents in one night


I have red, green and violet (sold as blue) laser pointers.

They're fun toys but I'm extremely aware of how dangerous they can be, unlike some of my friends and their friends who have several times asked me to get them a green one next time I'm buying gadgets online because it's the brightest.

I do say yeah I'll get them one, but I never do and never will because generally they're morons when it comes to technology and things like this. I mean, if they can't figure out how to buy something from the internet that's as readily available as a laser pointer how can they comprehend just how dangerous they can be?

20 incedents in one night is nothing compared to what happened in Egypt a couple of years ago:

One really odd thing I discovered about laser light, which I haven't found an answer to is this: My violet laser will easily charge up glow-in-the-dark materials, it's very cool how quickly it does that, but if I shine my red or more noticably my green laser pointer at an already charged up glow-in-the-dark material it will go dark where I shine the laser, it actively reduces the glow.

There has to be a scientific explanation for what happens when you do that, but to me that's just weird with a capital weird.

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