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Sadly our lot have developed a response to all of that. They try to get to the board first and say that we're "obstructive", haven't got a "can do" attitude, try to push for admin access for themselves, tell the board that they, the customer, aren't happy with the service we provide etc.

Oooooh, yum. Such a *rich* source of fun things to play with. Can I have your job for a while?

Getting to the board first doesn't matter really, but if it bugs you, be very helpful in sorting out communication and access control. The moment you have that in hand your manager is history. It's rather hard to get to a board member when your phone, email and physical access have failures that originate in what you tried to force on Friday :). Especially VoIP diverts are hard to get right, but maybe it's a hint of things to come that calling any board member gets you the recruitment company instead..

However, also do not underestimate the power of "facts" stored on a computer as that "doesn't lie". Your average end user (aka board member) has no clue that such records are not immutable and can be edited at will. Since your manager knows full well he gave the order against logged objections, he will do everything possible to avoid the raw "facts" as stored being tabled, which is why it is so sad that by a stroke of sheer luck, the email of the board still sort of works, not very stable, but enough to email the change control note upwards as root cause.

Naturally, you cannot "fix" the manager's email until you fixed that of the board, unless he wants the board to know that he considers himself a higher priority without giving a reason for it, but just in case he insists, you would naturally be happy to pass on the "I screwed up and want to correct it before if affected you" message (at least, that's what it will imply when you're done with it and release it to the queue).

As for admin access, yes please. As seasoned professional you will have other accounts with admin rights such as "accounts" and "sanitation". Only the manager's account is called "admin", so when things start to go mysteriously wrong they will always originate from that "admin" account. All you need to set up next is a cascade failure that will happen as soon as he logs in, preferably something with dramatic and notable side effects such as zapping the shareholder presentation the chairman has been practising the whole week for next week's AGM.

Naturally you will save the day by first spending 4 hours in the pub with PHB developing a "recovery strategy" to recover what was nuked "by the manager making beginner mistakes at admin level". Once you have drunk and lunched enough on the company's expenses you amble back and copy all the data back from the USB3 stick you have had in your bag since Friday when you set it all up, and presto, you're the hero.

When can I start?


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