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BOFH: We're miracle workers. But you want us to fix THAT in 10 minutes?


Last minute

"And you just found out about this 17 minutes ago?!"

Reminds me of an IT manager I once worked with. When the usual rush and panic about creating the quarterly reports was in full swing he was faced with a director demanding action to fix a small problem as the report had to get out the next morning.

His response was a calm, considered lecture on the lines of the Sumerians and Babylonians had calendars 700 years ago, Stonehenge was at least 6000 years old and was an effective calendar, settlements in China, Peru.... and so on... finally leading to "it's the 21st century and you're STILL surprised by calendar dates!"

Needless to say the calm lecture did wonders for the boss's blood pressure :-)

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