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@AC "Hah, that will be the day......"

Sadly our lot have developed a response to all of that. They try to get to the board first and say that we're "obstructive", haven't got a "can do" attitude, try to push for admin access for themselves, tell the board that they, the customer, aren't happy with the service we provide etc.

It doesn't matter how stupid the argument they sling mud and sadly a lot of board members are too thick to see what's going on.

In the end you rely on your boss having the courage to stand up for you and getting the right points put across.

My current bug bear is this "we're the customer" rubbish. I pointed out that they've misunderstood the relationship, The truth is that we were chosen by the board to provide a service and that our ultimate responsibility is to provide a good service to the betterment of the company which is not always doing whatever half cocked idea passes fleetingly through the head of some manager.

OK, that's my rant for today :-)

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