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They all use a spinning head to write in diagonal stripes aross the tape, it was the only way to get the high head-to-tape speed needed for video without the monstrous Ampex-type systems of the early pioneers.

Betamax writes at 6.6m/s, and VHS at 4.8m/s, one reason for the better Betamax quality. V2000 is somewhere in-between.

You're quite correct, though, that the heads on the V2000 drum were mounted on a piezoelectric plate, and some clever signal processing allowed that plate to' 'tilt' the heads slightly to one side or another, so that they still scanned the striped tracks correctly even when the tape was running fast, slow, or stopped for freeze-frame.

I'm not sure if that was the cause, but they did have a reputation for wearing heads out more quickly than the other systems, so there are very few left in working order. The only one I ever had a chance to play with had badly worn heads, and wasn't at its best

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