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It's just that FreeBSD Jails (while neat and well implemented) are just horrible, almost too Horrible, to use!

The FreeBSD developers never bothered much with providing tools for all the good stuff in FreeBSD, In My Opiniun. The learning curve for FreeBSD jails is more like a brick wall.


SELinux does protect against 'root' access. The 'root' account can't just go off and do anything at all like it can with 'normal' Linux.


It seems odd that malware will cripple itself by requiring 'root' access. There are *plenty* of Money-Making opportunities just running as a normal user account - which is hardly secured from itself and from flash/java.stupidity at all since this is inconvenient and (to the sysop) it's *just* a user account not the sacred 'root'.

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