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Here's the little-known legal loophole that permitted mass surveillance in the UK

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Seems to me...

... that this site is rapidly assuming the mantle of the online sibling of The Guardian, what with the endless hysterical wailing and knashing of teeth about GCHQ and that "They" might be spying on us.

FFS - do you think covert surveillance didn't happen before computers were invented? Get a clue. Phone taps have happened since the phone was invented and mail interception has happened for centuries. Computers simply make data collection easier, they haven't changed the ideologies behind them. If you're truly paranoid about "The Man" reading all your data then ecrypt it, use PGP for email and Tor for web browsing. However given the willingness of Millenials to put their entire lives online for public view I doubt GCHQ really need to work that hard to find out almost everything about anyone under 25 in this country right now.

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