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Actually, it is not necessarily true that an employer is responsible for an employee's tools. Back in the early 60s I worked as a programmer during the day and a graphic artist at night (yes, workaholic, still am).

I didn't have to supply ,my own computer during the day because they were all mainframes; but I did have to supply my own rapidograph pen, t-square, triangle and slide ruler for the night job. Actually it wasn't a rapidograph back then, but a pre-rapidograph which was a 'pen' that hmmm ... had two 'arms' and a knob. You'd turn the knob to bring the two arms closer or further apart from each other at their 'points', then you'd dip the tool into a bottle of ink and using the t-square with or without the different angled triangles you'd draw a line.... it was complicated.

Anyway, today you can be forced by an employer to use their equipment which they CAN force you to pay to use, I GUESS they can in Australia. But they'd never get away with that in the USA, where employers give benefits BECAUSE THE MARKETPLACE OF POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES DEMANDS IT. There is no law in the USA that says an employer has to give an employee ANY vacation time (except for federally mandated holidays). Employees give vacation days or what they now call 'personal time off' days because no one but 3rd-world h1bs would work for the employers if they did NOT get decent numbers of PTO days. Get it?

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