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Re: *Sigh* windows 10 is quite good for a given value of good.

Shirley, things like the executable 'protection' above could be backported to 7 without too much dram? Oh that's right, 7 is old hat now.

Well MS, I too have used and deployed your Operating Systems on many thousands of machines over the last 30 years, and this 10 thing will go down as a bigger fiasco than the 'Windows Vista Ready' cockup.

I currently manage a government network of about 8000 nodes that is not internet connected - for many reasons. Windows 10 is just wrong on too many levels to be even considered for testing in this environment. Not only that, but with all the telemetry stuff going into 7, we're fighting to prevent the current fleet from wasting it's time trying to phone home...

Nice work - alienating the corporate customers

(Opinions are my own, but I suspect that they are consistent with that of many others)

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