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Windows 10: Major update on the Threshold as build 10586 hits Insiders


*Sigh* windows 10 is quite good for a given value of good.

Things like security, if you copy over notepad.exe (and who doesn't) you now have to go in and edit the permissions or it won't run.

From a malware point of view that's good. It's fast has hell, even on my old laptop running 10 out does my current one on 7.

BUT I still hate it, I hate the looks I hate the start thingy. I hate the loss of control, I hate the online.

My PC is mine, Its part of my personality, its customized the way I like it. I hate letting others use it (as its a thinkpad I disable the touchpad, that usually gets them)

The privacy/cloud/online accounts makes in not mine in some way? And even when I turned all that off it turned its self back on.

"I can't let you do that Dave"

Unfortunately this is the way everything is going, we can hold out in windows 7 for a few years, but then we the El Reg comentards can go Linux. But our mums will still be bewildered by MS, and we'll still have to help them. Even if we do bang our heads against the screen in frustration.

I'm going to sit in a corner and cry now.

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