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Don't give me cloud storage !

Personally, I am intelligent enough and experienced enough to NOT want cloud storage.

I don't want my critical items floating through the air where any hacker can snatch them if they get lucky enough to do so. HELLO, you've read how credit card readers by walk-by crooks lift the CC's information from the card you are using for a second so they can later use your money for their own personal pleasure, haven't you? So, why would anyone be okay with bank number, friends lists, job information, your family's photos flying through the air?

That is the least of why I hate the Cloud. Besides it being a playing field for hackers to steal money, identity, set up all sort of illegal activities (rape, spying, kidnapping, future criminal plans of learning delicate company information, etc) it is also the stealer of personal files from your own computer because it 1] it always reverts to holding everything hostage on its server (making it time consuming to downing everything back into the computer at once quickly and efficiently) should you need a reformat, and 2] it is related to a washer and dryer which swallows up one sock at a time. Files go missing for no reason - they just disappear, kaput.

I have tried to rid my computer of iCloud but it keeps coming back and sneaking its way in despite the fact that I am too intelligent to keep full account numbers in my Quicken, nor do I download from my back, not do I keep any other financial items within my computer. Occasionally I may order from a reliable online source, but I never keep CC numbers on their site - I'd rather enter it each time, or else it is linked with my secondary bank account that has less than $50.00 in it at any given time.

So, please ---- KILL iCLOUD and make computing easier for all of us! After all, who needs to save all that garbage people collect, because you can't take it with you when you die anyway. (tic)

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