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The wolf unmasks

So, the rapacious, greed-ridden, ribbon-laden monstrosity that is Micro$oft lays aside its sheep guise and reveals for all and sundry its true nature.

First Secure Audio Path, and Protected Media Path, accompanied by unlimited DRM snuffling.

Next the BigBrother-ish monitoring afforded by the X-Box and all its associated ills and ilk.

Next Twisted-Sister Vista, with all its new monitoring and data snaffing, not to mention the accompanying strangulation-ribbon being added to the office suite.

Then, Windows7 with a considerably-less-entertaining-than-ET phone home fetish.

Finally (erm, probably not), Windoze 10 with its various lockdowns (UEFI, AMT, ring -2, PMP, HDCP, SecureBoot, TPM, etc., etc.) and incessant, interminable, intrusive telemetry.

M$, you're a shill for Hollywierd, the TLAs worldwide, and the computing industry's answer to Shelob the spider.

Isn't it about time you went back to your roots and did something useful for a change?

Many years ago there was a radio commercial for something-or-other that had one fellow reciting a mantra "Pay more, get less". That was really funny.

What you are doing, isn't.

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