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"This is a good move"

No. You can stop allowing new people to sign up, but pulling the rug from under your consumer base makes you look fickle. That might be acceptable for companies that don't have any competitors (hello, Microsoft in other markets) but MS isn't exactly the global leader in cloud services. Consumers desert it and when the manager decides he (and it will be a 'he') wants to go cloudy nonsense and the IT guy says you can go with Google, Amazon or Microsoft, he's heard of all those and so doesn't care which, and MS isn't going to high on the list now.

As other people have said, if you are entering into a service contract with a company, you want to know that a) they will still be around in the near future, and b) they don't screw you over with product withdrawals and price hikes. Google is famous for the former of those from b), and Microsoft for the latter. And we go with Amazon.

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