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Yea, got that covered too. External hard drives with encrypted content stored at family members houses and of course we do the same for them, or you can use safety deposit boxes or some random cloud provider as backup if you prefer, then you have no real risk if they fail, or change their pricing. Just find another one, or split your data across them.

Syncing content across devices - no need, just like I don't take my toaster to work every day. Just because I have it, doesn't mean I need to have it with me all the time. Do you really need last years tax return, or the letter to the school, or some random data for an app your various mobile devices can't read to be with you all the time ?. It's also more secure if you loose a mobile device - no risk of your data being accessed.

Of course, if you prefer the vagrant approach of carrying all your belongings with you then that's your choice.

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