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Agile - Another Gigantic Ignorant Losing Exercise

First, the golden age of the developer only existed in very large and usually dedicated software companies. Most of us that have worked in medium to small companies have been developer, SysAdmin, Database Admin and whatever else had to be done to get a project up and running. At one company I was the EDI department. Not just a member of the department, the entire department. That made vacations difficult.

Second, Agile is just a bunch of jargon applied to the way most Linux and Unix programmers work anyway to try to get Windows devs to be more productive. Unfortunately, it's now moved into the workplace, so we have Agile environments where you don't get an assigned desk or cube, you have to reserve your work space for when you plan to be in the office. It's now wonderful sitting in a strange area surrounded by marketing types yelling into their cells as I try to debug code someone wrote years ago. You can always make a bad idea worse if you apply it to something that it has nothing to do with.

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