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An American tourist is visiting London. As he walks, he feels the urge to pee. He searches and searches, but does not find a toilet. Ever more desperate, he enters a tiny street, looks for a narrow and darker place, beside a tall wall and starts to unzip his pants. Suddenly from behind somebody taps his shoulder. He turns around and sees a policeman there.

"Sorry sir," says the policeman, "it is forbidden to urinate in public places."

The American apologizes, tells him that he had no luck in finding a toilet and just couldn't hold on anymore.

"Follow me, I will help you," says the policeman. He guides the tourist towards a gate in the wall and shows him the way inside. The tourist is amazed, as he sees himself in a gorgeous garden, full of flowers, arrangements, bushes and trees. The policeman leads him to one of the trees and says, "You can pee here without any problem."

The American does the job, and after he finishes, asks the policeman, "Tell me, is this what is called British hospitality?"

"No," answers the Policeman, "we call this the French Embassy!"

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