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'T-shaped' developers are the new normal

P. Lee Silver badge

>This venerable model heralded the age of web and app development, but it also contained the seeds of its own destruction, creating a world of silos, isolated and closed knowledge

A world of layered software, where there were APIs and you could interact with software from a variety of vendors via standards.

But that's all old hat. Now one vendor owns the whole stack, from search box to data store, or you've gone for BIG DATA with its massively expanding storage and compute requirements. Stuff that we used to hold in ACT! now requires a server with 192G RAM and several tiers of flash storage and an oracle license. On the upside, if we ever open an office in Tokyo, we can replicate it via the Cloud so it can be just as slow there as it is here.

Maybe that is actually the most efficient way to deal with it, but it makes me a little sad.

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