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Where is your disater recovery/business continuity plan?

I used to work for a major bank. We had hot standby systems, network connections, automatic fail over and everything else that was needed for the major systems. The DR/BCP plans were tested on a regular basis including running for periods of time on the backup systems then initiating controlled switch over to the primary systems.

The problem was with some of the "lesser" systems (one inventory management system in particular comes to mind) that ran in locations other than the main data centres. We had a "disaster" and the first question was "Where is the DR plan?". The response from the sysadmin - "On my desk". Consequently we had to "wing it". Fortunately the people who ran the systems on a day to day basis were available otherwise we would have been in deep SH*T. After that we made sure that the DR plans for all systems were available in both the primary and backup centre (and when it became more available - on-line) and that there were staff on site all the time in case access to the plans was required.

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