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Yes, for me the push to using Mint is coming from the irritations of 10.

And while the autoupdates themselves wouldn't worry me, the behaviour does.

For a start, it seems to replace the "All apps " list that I've tidied up with the ghastly mess that Microsoft have created. I like a nice ordered (all apps) start menu, with my programmes grouped according to function in folders I created. They've made that really difficult, if not impossible. So it takes a lot of effort to make the all apps list tidy and usable.

BUT, after some of the automatic updates I've found that the sodding things have been replaced. Even ones I've removed have reappeared.

Also, it's my PC and if they are updating things I want to know what has been changed. But they don't f***ing tell us anymore.

And there was at least one update that wouldn't install because the start menu had been changed. FFS, that is madness.

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