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Next year's Windows 10 auto-upgrade is MSFT's worst idea since Vista

W. Anderson

Nazi tactics should not be allowed with forced Windows 10 download

I have Linux dual-booted on my Windows 7 Laptop - by "choice", with Windows partition re-configured to 1/3 hard drive space, and Linux with remaining 2/3. Should Microsoft force download and install of Windows 10 on my computer, it will automatically erase all vestiges of my Linux installation, with applications and data fikes as well.

This type draconian and dictatorial action is not acceptable, even while I accept an "option" of downloading Windows 7 security and system file updates and fixes, since I purchased this Laptop with Windows 7 and may wish to keep this Operating System (OS) as adjunct to Linux for as long as desired.

Furthermore, Windows 10 may not allow Linux dual-boot, and thus making Laptop mostly unusable, partiularly for my purposes.

While Microsoft defenders and minions on TheRegister may not care, they are expressing great naivete and ignorance in agreement with oppressive actions that are an anathema to modern, free society.

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