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In truth my disquiet with MS dates back over a year. I "needed" a second MS Office license and really wanted to purchase another copy of Office 2010. Unfortunately, it had been replaced by Office 2013 so I purchased that instead. I installed it on my main machine expecting Word to behave much as it always had, only to discover that one of my favourite features had been crippled.

I use Autocorrect a lot; not just to correct typos, but to insert blocks of text. When I type xnsa* Autocorrect replaces it with "The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia defines sustainable agriculture as..." It can save a lot of typing. MS in their wisdom removed the option Add to Autocorrect from the right-click context menu "because it had become too cluttered".

I reinstalled Office 2010 and attempted to install Office 2013 on my ASUS Zenbook. Not allowed! Apparently you must wait 60 days between installs! So for a while it was back to Office 2003. Office 2013 sits gathering dust on a shelf. The Zenbook is now running Cinnamon Mint 17.2, Libre Office and since I can access my emails through my server's web interface, I haven't bothered with an email client though I use Thunderbird on my desktop machine.

Happily Libre Office has the required context menu and also like MS (but unlike most word processors) uses the Australian Macquarie English Dictionary. So yes, life is good; very good indeed :-)

* The blocks of text entries in Autocorrect all have four letters; first letter is "x" because there are very few words starting with "x" and then a three letter acronym that's easy to remember.

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