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I approached Libre Office with some trepidation

Originally I started using it about 6 years ago (OpenOffice before that), with MS Office only ever used to handle customer files (not an Outlook fan as I work on multiple OS, so I use Thunderbird + Lightning).

I then upgraded my laptop and lo and behold, MS Office wanted its license codes again, codes that are probably in a box on the other side of the continent after my move. So instead of wasting money on buying something I had already bought once but which refused to work I switched to LibreOffice completely, and all is well. Must send them a contribution, though (fair is fair).

I rather like not having to worry about any software license and have the same UI regardless of what OS I am using, so the chances of me going back to MS Office (or even spending any money on it) are somewhere between slim and non-existent. Ditto for my family. Ditto for my companies. Ditto for quite a few customers who have picked this up (plenty of CTOs we deal with). I can now even return files to UK gov if they are in MS Office format because it is no longer the standard - Open Document is.

Life is good :).

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