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Quote "Yes we all love free stuff but most things are free for a reason."

Which is the most eloquent reason for staying the hell away from win10 as I've ever heard

I have to use win7, win8 and win 10 at work, the OS that gives the least trouble is win7, win8 can be a bit of a problem, but win 10... how can such a high end laptop be so goddamn slow? and the CAD software we have sometimes just locks up on there (the other 2 laptops work fine)

The biggest linux related problem I've found is getting my HP officejet prunter to work, but on centos/mint and even a crummy fedora 14 installation, the HP drivers have worked fine.

So I can see no reason now why there should'nt be a mass migration to Linux recommended by every IT pro, because that free win10 OS you've just installed will have a cost added to it somewhere.....

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