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You're the same twits who buy dodgy Chinese Android phones, then have the gall to complain two months later that they aren't being updated to Android Marshmallow. Either it's a good thing to always get the latest version, or it isn't. You can't have it both ways.

Phone companies seem to be a world unto their own, they seemingly have forgotten that they aren't actually in the phone business but the personal computer business, and that the latter requires ongoing software maintenance.

I'd like security updates for my devices. If that means I have to either do it myself, or pay someone to do it, then so be it, but I'd like the option. Sometimes the device is bought because it offers features that some of the more updated devices doesn't offer and so compromises have to be made. In my case, that means being stuck with Android 4.1. At least it isn't something running Java2 Micro edition, which was the other alternative.

No, the Android world is not a shining example of what should happen, if anything, it's a shining example of abandonware. A company releases a version of Android for their device, then dusts their hands and says "Job done!" and walks away. It's the exact opposite of what Microsoft is proposing.

I think the IT world would like something in between, a say on the matter. It does not, nor should not, have to be a binary choice.

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