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Next year's Windows 10 auto-upgrade is MSFT's worst idea since Vista


My goodness gracious.

I wasn't going to comment -- I mean, this is quite a Windows thing, and I'm mostly not a Windows thing anymore. But I guess I'll pipe up. A commentard just can't have too many downvotes.

Windows is a good OS, but at my home it's an offline, air-gapped OS. I can and probably will continue to take advantage of a few Windows programs without letting Microsoft (very far) into my personal walled garden. Perhaps like any predator, Microsoft is just doing what its carnivorous reflexes tell it to do. In that case, I don't hate the shark. It's not personal. But I very much prefer not to get bitten.

Of course, my Windows-offline-only strategy would not be reasonable if I used Windows-only games, or if I needed to use Windows to work online, or if the devices I use (various cameras, PCM recorder, printer) didn't work well with Linux. (They do work, seamlessly.)

But for those of the hoi polloi who can do so, I heartily recommend stepping out of the Windows pool. It looks like there may be more blood in the water, and the similes are getting more and more forced.

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