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Do you really think a publicly-traded multi-billion dollar corporation is giving away an expensive piece of software because they felt sorry for Windows 8?

Not really. My own belief isn't that they were sorry for unleashing it but were more sorry for the lack of success and, more importantly, the effect on their market position and their bank balance.

Why is such a corporation practically demanding you to take such an expensive program from them?

Because they can. The loss leading aspect is countered by the fact that users are being used as an unpaid beta testing work force to try to avoid the disasters that gave us Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows Me. In some ways this is little different to the way Fedora and openSUSE are used to test RHEL and SLES but these Linux distros don't use telemetry and don't try to monetise users with forced advertising.

I suspect that the actual proper release, whenever that comes (probably when the "free" period expires next July) will possibly see the forced update regime change, but I also suspect that other changes, including licensing changes, could see W10 become an even bigger problem.

Just because something doesn't cost money does not mean it is free. How is Microsoft making money on Windows 10 if they are using dirty tricks to make you install it without cost?

Probably the money is coming from monetising users and laying off all those beta testers that once were used to make systems like Windows 7. To my mind, Microsoft still haven't beaten this.

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