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You are gullible aren't you? I voluntarily DL'd W10 once to one machine. MS pushed W10 once more to that machine after I reinstalled W7. The revert to W7 didn't work as advertised. MS pushed W10 twice to each of three machines, once each after I followed instructions on how to prevent this.

The page to which you point says nothing about this issue. Nor does it address the issue that MS consumed all of my monthly mobile data allowance and half of my FW data allowance without my permission. Quite why I would need 8 copies of W10 has yet to be explained. I made a USB stick after the first and only voluntary DL. I make no doubt that had I not turned all updating off on the two remaining W7 machines that MS in their "wisdom" would be pushing even more copies of W10 for my "convenience" if that's what they want to call using up my data allowance without permission.

As several other commentards here have remarked, Microsoft can just fuck off and die for all I care.

FWIW I was proud to be a MS Certified Professional and Certified Solution Provider before my retirement. MS will receive absolutely no sustenance from me unless they compensate me for stealing my bandwidth and likely not even then.

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