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Xiaomi preps Linux laptops for the post Christmas sales rush

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

This is excellent news.

I would love to see greater public uptake of Linux. I do think it's too bad this seems to necessarily come from China, nothing against the Chinese people or government (in this case). It is almost like capitalism and innovation work best with governmental support, as I expect one might find that any or all of these tech giants have governmental support at some level. It's not only cheap labour that enables low prices. One might call this Social Democracy if not for the lack of the latter in China, and possibly everywhere else to be fair.

The long term thinking afforded to Chinese corporations, of which NA and European corporations no longer appear able, will bury our/those corporations over time. Corporate and political greed in NA and Europe have created this situation and we, the citizenry, will pay for this with a decreased standard of living. Is it pitchfork time, yet?

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