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Re: So how do you distinguish REALLY good encryption from noise?

@Michael H f Wilkinson

just as a democracy cannot function if there is no guarantee of privacy at some level (the election booth at minimum).

I was agreeing with you up until somewhere around this point.

Provided you believe what we currently have IS democracy, and provided you believe it IS working.... well... I'm not sure how you square that with your statement.

At the last election there was so much "empty can" rattling from Labour supporters in the months before voting, that they actually swayed the polls significantly. Clearly none of these people thought that voting was a private matter.

There's a great deal of things I'd like to see society regard as private that it doesn't, and it seems Generation X will be the last generation to regard privacy as a good thing - the millenials / Y all seem to want anyone to know anything about them, if only someone would notice they exist. 15 seconds of fame at any price. It's a mystery to me.

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