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Huawei Q3 shipments soar, expects to shift 100 million mobes abroad this year


I assume this is mainly due to the 6P Nexus device which has received some Awesome reviews?

Other phone manufacturers please take note!......

Customers want devices with non of their 'bundled shite' and 'overlays' and lack of software updates when they want to push their next devices

Huwawei have always been a small player in the mobile phone world with modest success until fairly recently. It takes manufacturers a good few handsets and years to build up a good reputation and following ( and lot less to lose it ),

They stuck their necks out and managed to secure partnership with Google to provide one of the Nexus line phones and they did well! Pretty much instant demand and sticks them in the spotlight for the next year at least. I can see good things to come with their mobile fortunes, i just hope they can make them pretty damn fast to keep up with demand

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