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Hundreds of thousands of XBones all downloading and installing and updating at more or less the same time, what could possibly go wrong ?

Thinking about it...

1. Excess strain on the update servers for the initial outpouring

2. Excess strain and usage cappage on users that haven't switched off the option to share their downloaded system

3. Possible problems where the downloaded system does not load correctly, especially if Microsoft haven't properly tested the download (I would expect that they have but given the situation so far, I wouldn't put it past them to overlook some of the testing, leading to the possibility that some XBones might do house brick impressions)

4. Excess strain on the network infrastructure leading to possible brown-outs as Microsoft yet again ignores that not all places have really fast broadband (you know, the ones that complained about the problems with "always on connections" when the XBone was first announced; the ones that were initially told that they would need to use XBox 360s instead)

5. Incompatibilities with games already "owned" by users.

6. Possible data loss (yeah, every time there's an update of any kind, they always say that all data will be kept and reused but somebody, somewhere, always finds to the contrary)

7. Possible hacking threats - yeah, this is stretching it a bit but you never know!

Nah. They have no problems.

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