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RBS promises 'safe, secure, confidential' info-sharing on Facebook at Work



Just... why? How is this in anyway going to be productive for them?

If they said they were implementing a new internal database and structure with higher security to handle more bank customers - Yup okay that's useful and I could see the reasoning.

If they said they were getting rid of all their Windows 2k servers and replacing with new - Yup okay perfectly reasonable.

If they said they were implementing a new PBX system to handle more load - Yup okay.. can see that.

But they said "We want our employees to be using Facebook at work!" - WTF? Why? What possible benefit can this truly have? Aside from opening a gaping big security hole (In the sense employees put bank details on Facebook accidentally on their public page.....).

That and Facebook is nothing more than a distraction to pass time away really. I can't see a reason for it in a work place..

Bet the guy pushing for this at the bank is addicted to Facebook and can't handle not being able to use it at work.. so wants the whole bank to use it so they can use it with an excuse.

Maybe I just don't get it because I have never used Facebook? Am I behind the times? Maybe I'm the strange one? :-D.

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