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Would Dutch T-Mobile sale open door for Deutsche to buy KPN?


KPN is the only serious telecom provider in Holland

KPN is the only provider in Holland who takes telecom still seriously. All the others are cheap skaters, with some helpdesk in 3th world and with a mentality "if it does not work and you complain about it, then please f*ck off, but keep paying the bills for the remainder of the contract period will you !".

Most of the networks and VPN's by companies are provided by KPN, and KPN offers a real world wide mobile phone coverage, even working in the most obscure places in Africa. It also employs 1000's of IT workers. If it is bought by a foreign company, all the high tech jobs are reallocated to the country where the buyers resides, this has happened many times with other takeovers of Dutch companies, and is one of the reasons the sale to that Mexican guy was prevented.

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